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Updated: Mar 7

Thank you for visiting the new blog page for lorenzsound. Coaching has been a central part of all my various endeavors the past few decades. The venues I have worked in have been tech campuses, boardrooms, stages, at many pianos across the region and online with clients worldwide. I have recently joined the Jay Shetty Coaching School to update my certification as a Life Coach.

Although with all of the EES and Core work that has influenced my teaching and mentoring over the years, the role of Coach is a unique opportunity to team up with my clients and help them pursue their path, adopt healthier habits, increase mindfulness, and achieve their goals all while gaining valuable insights into themselves. My former work in Energy Integration, Reiki, and EES flows into both my teaching role as well as my coaching role, and being a coach is aligned with all of my natural skillsets. I am excited to work with you as your Personal Life Coach.

Stay tuned for Blog posts and soon a new Podcast, adding insights as well as sharing conversations with all of you. Yes, there will be music also. Locally I am still teaching at the piano where music, mentorship, instruction and coaching come together. For those who are interested in Life Coaching, sessions are online and packages are typically 12 sessions over approximately three months. I make sure I tailor make the best path for you based on your goals, obstacles, and the trajectory you wish to have.

Much more to come. Thank you for your continued interest in your own journey. I look forward to partnering with you along the way.


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