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As your coach, I partner with you in your efforts to become the absolute best version of yourself, offering guidance and strategies that and fine tune your efforts, decrease your stress, and maximize your results.   I offer you accountability, insight, non-judgment and confidential support.


Don't see what you are looking for?  I can customize a plan just for you that meets your needs from your learning preference to your schedule.

This is a weekly plan that includes twelve

1-2-1 sessions, online or in person. 
Sessions have option to pause between group of 4 consecutive sessions* (16-week period total*)  

Plan 12

This package is a weekly plan and includes six 1-2-1  sessions. 

Plan 6

This package includes 24 sessions.   
Sessions have option to pause between group of six consecutive sessions*.  (14-month period total*)

Plan 24

This package is designed for existing clients looking for a tune up, but can also be a good way to begin your journey as well.

Plan 4

Package Options

Listed here are the most common plans selected

I will always customize plans according to your needs.  

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1 x 1, private, one-hour sessions. These flex sessions are designed as a check-in for clients who have reached their goal but have a desire or need to work deeper on a newly discovered obstacle or a new project.


This monthly program is designed to support your ongoing development and helps existing clients fine tune and maintain their processes, habits and routines.    

Our partnership can be ongoing.  Once you have achieved your current goals I remain a resource to you supporting your continued growth and success.


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