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Unleash Your Potential

Private online sessions can transform you and your process by helping to get below the surface of things, establishing strategies that accelerate your growth and help you achieve sustainable results

1-2-1 coaching

Leadership coaching and strategic team development from tech to the entertainment and hospitality industries. 


Leadership development on ongoing support in maintaining a magnetic impact of your team while getting sustainable results. 


Transformation and Education at the piano as a vehicle for deep growth

Piano Instruction


My clients are from many different backgrounds, from tech entrepreneurs and professional musicians, to social services and educational professionals. My clients experience accelerated growth and positive, sustainable results through our partnership.

No matter if you are chasing down a specific goal, seeking a more magnetic leadership style, or needing assistance in balancing competing priorities in your life, my approach will support you and assist you in uncovering blind spots while developing the strategies and practices that accelerate your progress and get you sustainable results. 

-David Lorenz

Your path, your power, your potential, your success

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